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Hear what some of our customers have to say about the service they received from Stacey Holmes and the Piedmont Team!

Dear Stacey & Lyle,
Irma and I would like to express our thanks to you and your associates for the kind of service that compliments our standard of expectations.We endlessly appreaciate your willingness and effort to work with our conditions to make this process as smooth as possible. In addition to your hardwork we will always extend our reasons of recommendations to our friends and family under as deemed possible. Thanks again, Stacey for completeing our dream within a timely manner.


Earl and Irma washington


I first contacted you by phone and immediately got ahold of you. After interviewing you and other agents we knew you and Stacey were the best qualified to sell our home. You taught us the process and showed us the best price we should list our home for. You helped us through offers that were not right for us until the correct one came in. You followed up on us when there was the Virginia Tech incident knowing we had friends there. You went out of your way to stop by and check up on us weekly.

Thank you again for all your help.

Mrs. Ghare


Dear Buyer or Seller,

In this day and time it is hard to find a realtor who cares about you. Every realtor you meet has a story to tell and they seem to be farfetched. It is extremely hard to find a realtor that knows not only how to sell a house but what people are looking for when they want to buy a home. My husband and I found realtors who not only cared about us as a client but thought of us as a member of their family. The agents are Stacey and Lyle, who work for Keller Williams Realty as the Piedmont Team. Stacey and Lyle were very professional and took every step to see that we got our home sold. When we first contacted them they came to our home to consult us on what we needed to do. When Stacey walked through our home, she looked at it as if it was her own. On the other side of that she looked at it as if she was a buyer. When Stacey and Lyle sat down with us to discuss our options for listing our home, we thought they wanted us to just give it away. The price we had in mind and the price they recommended for this market was very different. They had the facts to back up what they were telling us though. So against our own judgement we went on faith and did what they recommended. They were right, our home was on the market less than 60 days. We had several couples come through the very first week. We truly feel this was because of the way our home was listed and presented. This was directly influenced by Stacey and Lyle. As couples continued to walk through our home, they would give Stacey and Lyle feedback which was then passed on to us. However it does get to be very painful keeping the house spotless, and listening to the different changes that Stacey would recommend, but it was well worth it. By the end of the first 30 day period we could see everything was starting to pay off as potential contracts started coming in on our house. It is very hard to put up with all of this, especially when you are talking about your home, the place you loved, but you also have the needs as to why you are selling it or you would not have considered putting it up for sale. Stacey and Lyle do know what they are talking about and had been very positive during the entire ordeal. If it were not for Stacey and Lyle keeping our hopes up, my husband and I would have pulled our home off the market as we were getting frustrated. We recommend Stacey and Lyle to anyone who wants to sell or buy a home. They do everything in their power to see that your needs are met. They keep you informed with everything going on, and let you know exactly what you need to do to buy or sell a home. You may not like everything that they tell you, but believe me they know what they are talking about. My husband's boss went with another realtor and his house has been on the market for almost a year and still not sold. Our home went on the market after his and was sold before his had the amount of traffic in almost a year we had that first week. Stacey and Lyle are wonderful people and if you elect to go with them as your realtors you will be more than pleased.

Douglas and Jacqueline Chambers


We were recently considering putting our house on the market. After interviewing agents, we chose the Piedmont Team, Stacey and Lyle. Their direct, no-nonsense approach to home buying appealed to us. Plus, we liked their personalities and thought they would be easy to work with. We made a good choice. The team was a great help to us, even though in the end we decided to postpone a move. Theytirelessly took us from house to house, entertaining our questions and educating us about houses and the home-buying process. Our time was spent only looking at houses that fit within our specifications of price, location and ammenities/features. It was clear that Stacey and Lyle knew the area well and also knew the local real estate market. They listened to our list of needs and did their best to find houses to match our lifestyle. As seller agents, their expertise was also invaluable. They advised us on which changes and improvements would be worth the time and money to help us get the best price on our home when we sell it. Only truly necessary suggestions were made--ones that would really make a considerable difference in what we could ask for the house. Also, we felt that they offered very realistic and up-to-date information to help us decide on the appropriate selling price. In the end, we decided that it wasn't the right time for us to buy or sell. But, we will definitely be calling the Piedmont Team when the time is right. In the meantime, we'll be referring you to anyone looking for a good real estate team.

Thank you,
Karen Sheehan



Being a first time buyer with a child, I was glad you were able to get us into a home of my dreams. You immediatly put me at ease when you picked us up and had thought of my son. You had movies and snacks for him as it would be a long day. Thank you for helping me through all this. My son is very happy and doing well.



Thank you Lyle and Stacey for all your hard work you did with your associate Debby. It was great to have you along as a calming presence when we were whirling with options and opinions finding our new home. Your sage advice was a great calm in the storm and we appreciate you during this transaction.


Dear Stacey & Lyle,

Carrie and I want to express our thanks for all of the hard work your team did for our family. You found us a home in a great neighborhood, and your negotiating skills got us the home at a remarkable price giving us lots of equity even in this market today. We will always refer you to our family and friends. Thank you so much.


Chuck and Carrie Misfud


I am so glad I met you guys when you came into the shop. I was at a time in my life for change and you helped me through it. Thank you for finding me a house I felt was now my home. I have been able to get things done and the progress has been amazing. You still call and follow up with me and I look forward to our next real estate transaction.

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